Pipo M6 Review - Specs and Conclusion

Oh yeah, the other specs...

RK3188 Quad Core at 1.6 Ghz w/ Mali400 GPU = great performance
9.7" IPS Panel w/ 2048x1536 Resolution w/ option to run at 1528x1200 (which we recommend)
2 Gb of RAM = Great Multitasking with less slowdown
16 Gb of Storage = Pretty Standard
Auto Focus and Flash for the Rear Camera (nice features)
Front-Firing Stereo Speakers (yay!)
10,000 mAh battery (it's big!)

I am starting to forget to even talk other specs in tablet reviews as they all kind of run together after a while. We have been looking at very similar chipset and ram combinations for quite some time, namely the RK3188 and as we all know pretty well by now, the performance is quite good as at the top-end of China tablets at present. It you want more charts and breakdowns on that end, do some more Google searching :). I just don't have time to flesh out my full impressions on a device after several weeks of usage AND to do all the performance testing (not to mention my other full time job, family, okay I will stop whining...)

In conclusion...

Woo Hoo!:
Battery - It just keeps going, and going, and going... and going..... and going...
Wifi - Freakishly good range and speed...
Screen - Big Beautiful, Bright, IPS Panel that looks great and performs quite well at 1520x1200.
Beautiful Design - Well Built and thought out.Black styling is so much better than "apple" white.... Rear metal panel... it's very nice!

Boo Hoo :(
It's a bit heavy due to the great battery
Speaker's are great but they could be a bit louder.
It isn't free
Lackluster Cams - Auto focus and flash help a lot, but you don't want to rely on this thing to chart the life of your children as the grow up or anything... typical of every china tab...

Want a 9.7" tablet with a great screen and good performance? Buy the M6!