PiPo M6 Review - Battery and WiFi - PiPo Pixie Dust?

This is going to probably be the most glowing part of this review. I am not sure what "pixie dust" PiPo has sprinkled on the internal components of the M6, but this tablet seriously just WORKS well!

Let's talk Wifi range. This thing is going to end up in the Top Notch Tablets hall-of-fame for WiFi range. It is simply astounding for a China tab. I get a strong signal from just about anywhere and everywhere in my 2-story town house and my Wireless access point sits on the back wall of the second floor. That's damn impressive bordering on sickeningly good... Wifi analyzer never shows more than 60 dB (higher is worse in WiFi analyzer, lower is better, 60 dB and lower is a strong signal). Pretty much all rooms get about 45 - 50 dB. Simply amazing... Bravo PiPo as it is a rare China tab that actually has "stellar" wifi.

Let's talk battery. I think this is the contributing factor in the weight... and it is well worth a little extra heft. This is the best tablet I have used to date for battery and I think when I get around to running a standard battery test it is going to even blow by the FNF X2 which was our all-time chart topper on battery longevity.

Just to give you an example, I started writing this review 3 days ago (yes, these long reviews take a LONG time to write...) and I haven't charged it since... and I am still running strong at 35% battery and I have been using it on and off that whole time. It has a 10,000 mAh pack, which is just plain huge for a China tab and probably explains the dedicated charge port even though I think USB could have handled it with a wall pack converter. If my android battery meter is accurate by any stretch it has only had about 1.5 hours of charging in the last 5 days of running... Oh yes... just an after-thought.... That is with a WiFi sleep policy of NEVER... I.E. the Wifi never shuts off, even during sleep mode. I can't imagine what battery life would be if you were attempting to be more conservative...

What do those two things mean... I don't have to THINK about the device. I just use it. And that is ultimately the goal of all "excellent" technology... it gets out of the way and provides a seamless experience. Consider something you may think of as rather mundane, like a toaster, and you get my point. When was the last time you had to really think about your toaster? You don't, you just use it and it makes your life easier and better. Once all the major bugs are out of the way (and with most tablets running Android 4.1 and later, they are...) the two biggest frustrations on most mobile devices (for me at least) are Wifi and battery life. The M6 outshines every other tablet I have tested in those two areas and there is something to say for that as those are often the two biggest failings of a Chinese tablet.